Logic Rules Summer Camp

For Seattle and Eastside area high school students




  "Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end. "  Spock

"...there can be much use of reason without speech, but no use of speech without reason..."  John Milton

Logic is essential for critical thinking in any subject and for success in many professions. People have a natural ability to reason but when we rely on our own rules for reasoning, or those of others, we can make mistakes. 

The Logic Rules summer camp is based on the Logic is Fundamental camp at Stanford University which launched in 2016. We use the same curriculum provided by Stanford.

The course was developed by Dr. Michael Genesereth. It presents logic not as a specialized technical subject but as a set of universal tools that can be applied to any subject. The techniques and symbols used in logic resemble those used in math but many students find logic more relatable than math, especially those who recognize relationships between people and things but are uncomfortable reducing everything to numbers. Dr. Genesereth explains more about the course here.


  • Students entering grades 9-12 are eligible
  • Students should have successfully completed Algebra 1
  • A laptop or tablet computer is required but will not be provided

Camp information

This camp offers a fun and engaging approach to logic. Learning is not through lectures alone, but also through group projects, special presentations and games. It teaches the basic principles of logic, which include inference, deduction, satisfaction, entailment and proof. The instructors and presenters come from local universities and the Seattle-area tech community.

Camp sessions are weekdays, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
Tuition: $500. To reach more students, the Institute offers a $100 tuition subsidy for referring another students who enrolls.

Kirkland:  June 25-29
Redmond: July 9-13
Bellevue: July 16-20

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