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Logic Rules high school summer camp


The Institute for Logic and the Public Interest is a non-profit 501(c)3 education and research instituttion.

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How You Can Support Logic Education

Ask your employer to offer logic training

Employers gain significant benefits from logic training. Logic awareness reduces ambiguities in all forms of business communication and supports better decision making. Everyone benefits from clearer communication and better decisions.

Logic can be used as a common language for precise communication between business and IT organizations. Using simplifies every stage of the system development lifecycle, particularly the requirement stage. Logic literacy in business organizations reduces costs, improves outcomes, and enhances management capabilities. See our featured books for expert commentary on the importance of logic in business.

Business training is provided by the Center for Logic and Business Communication.

Ask your local high schools to teach logic

High school teachers can prepare to teach logic by attending a 5-day workshop at Stanford University. For groups of 10 or more, the Institute can bring workshops with the Stanford ciriculum to any school distriict facility or other local venue. Contact us to learn more about teacher development.

Host a High School Summer Camp

The Institute hosts the Logic Rules summer camp for high school students in the Seattle area. We are also seeking partner organizations to host camps in other areas. We will provide the curriculum and instructors, and the partner organization will provide the students and classroom. We also handle registration processing and promotional material. Local teachers can apply for paid positions as assistant co-instructors, which will help them prepare to teach logic to their own students. Contact us to help start a logic camp in your area.

After-School Programs

After-school programs introduce the principles of validity, deduction, and logical consequence with age-appropriate instruction for 5th through 8th graders. These skills apply to learning and reasoning in every subject and prepare young students for further study in logic.

Each school district has different policies for after-school programs, so we rely on parents and PTA organizations to help us identify opportunities and get programs started. Contact us to help start an after-school program in your area.

Community Logic Literacy

Community logic-literacy clinics are appropriate for students and adults and use the Stanford University curriculum developed for high school and college students. We partner with libraries, community centers, and other organizations to host clinics. Contact us to help start a clinic in your community.

Give to the Institute

The Institute faces significant obstacles in our efforts to promote logic literacy. Old research -- which assumes long-discredited ideas from the 1800's about logic being a sub-field of psychology -- is still highly influential among leaders who oppose the teaching of formal logic in public schools. Our research fellows are working to prove the value and importance of logic literacy. We believe it is self-evident, and that history fully demonstrates the importance of logic education. But institutional change is difficult. Please give what you can to support our efforts to promote logic education for everyone.

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